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Nylon Nuts

Standard type nuts with a nylon insert provide the best insulating and locking facilities in environments where there are high degrees of temperature variations, pressures and when gases or liquids need to be properly sealed into the chambers. Usually, engineers and mechanics use such nuts called "lock nuts" to provide a firm, air-tight grip. The nylon insert is fitted into the tapered end of the nut and wraps round inside the threads to provide better locking. The insert also makes the nut resistant to vibration, hence protects it from impact damage. Normal nuts may lose their grip due to vibration and render the component ineffective or dangerous.

The nuts themselves are available in a variety of materials such as carbon-steel, stainless-steel, alloys of steel, copper, brass, bronze and other tough, rust and corrosion proof materials. They may also be textured or finished in a variety of veneers such as chrome, nickel, zinc or could be powder coated or painted in different colors. These nuts are extensively used in the automobile industry White nylon nuts are also used to hold plastic sheets in place for playfields etc. They are also used in toys, furniture, walls etc. Many industries use different grades and colors of nylon for separate functions.

These nylon-insert lock nuts are used in a variety of other industries. Thinner gauge nylon is used in agricultural machinery, aerospace, computers, home-garden furniture, lighting fixtures, medical equipment, appliances, etc. Higher grades and thickness of nylon are required in the construction industry, for bridges and steel girders, oil rigs and railways.

Nylon is an excellent material for use in chemical industries, health-care and hospitals, oil refineries, food-processing, drinks and beverage bottling and marine industries. It is rust-proof, has excellent torque features and is corrosion resistant. One of the important qualities of nylon is that it is non-toxic, does not conduct electricity, non-magnetic, does not age, is resistant to sparking. Another good quality is that it is quite stable and is not inflammable and is non-combustible, can retard fire and withstand temperatures as high as 200F.

Apart from the standard threaded type, the screw type, snap-fit types, expansion, screw with grommets, etc are also available for different functions. There are contrasting opinions about the re-usability of nylon nuts, with many experts stating that they should never be re-used. However, others feel that if the manufacturer's instructions regarding re-use, lubrication and other instructions are followed, there is no harm in one or two re-cyclings of nylon nuts.

Nylon nuts differ in terms of height and choosing the right one depends on the application for which it has been purchased. Lower height nuts and normal heights are used in a variety of commercial and domestic applications, while heavier, taller nuts are used in heavy-duty structural functions.