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Are Your Classic UGG Boots Fake?

There are hundreds of shoe manufactures who specialize in shoe reproductions. You must have visited shoe stores many times and found a lot of duplicate shoes. At times, even shoe experts are unable to identify if a pair of boots are fake or not. Many small manufacturers and distributors sell imitation of popular brands to tempt customers into purchasing their products.

Shoe lovers who have little or no knowledge of UGG boots fall prey to such sales. Scrupulous shoe salesperson entices customers with low prices and wrong claims. They say things such as "what has brand name got to do with shoes," "big and popular brands are out to deceive you by charging high prices," "advertising costs make brand products expensive," and "we guarantee to will exchange you shoes if you are not satisfied." These days the market is flooded with reproduction of reputable brand products. Which brings us to the most important question, HOW CAN WE DETECT THEM? Here is a list of tips that will help you identify genuine UGG boots.

1. Price - Original boots are priced at the high end of the market, the price ranges from $120 to $180. Fake ones are normally a fraction of the price.

2. Material and Label - Materials used to manufacture fake boots are inferior and can be identified by touch. Local manufacturers use labels such as "made in Australia" or "made in New Zealand", whilst originals are made in China.

3. Model name - UGG Australia (world famous brand of UGG shoes) have different names for difference styles such as classic UGG, UGG slippers, etc. but fake manufacturers do not have special names or styles.

4. Quantity of sheep skin - original UGG boots use a high quantity of sheep skin both inside and outside. Whilst fake manufacturers substitute some of the sheep skin with cheap leather or similar materials.

5. Spelling and shape of label on boxes - boxes of fake books have wrong spellings on them to avoid trademark penalties. They also alter the shape of the alphabet to misguide customers.

6. Colour - Camel colour is not available in Classic UGGs or UGG slippers or in any other model.

7. Thread and stitching - thread used in stitching is always the same as the colour of the leather.

8. Boxes - boxes of original UGG boots are always hard and maintain their shape, whilst imitation boxes are lightweight. The original boots always come in boxes, but the fake ones either do not or are packed in inferior boxes.

9. Size and shape - UGG boots are normally shorter in height and width than the fake counterparts.

These are general suggestions to help you differentiate original UGG boots from the fake ones. You should always seek advice from someone who has purchase the original boots before. Fresh pairs of UGG products arrive in latest designs and fake boots are replicas of these originals. The fake boots always arrive in the market shortly after the launch of the new design.

You are advised to always purchase your boots from reputable big and popular shoe shops or from genuine websites such as , where you can get discounts as well. When you shop online, you have a lot of choices and you can view a large variety of shoes and make comparisons. So beware of imitation boots as it is not possible for everyone to easily differentiate between original and fake ones.